Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

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If you’re thinking “I’m not addicted to porn” I’m sure you’ll still agree with this:
A lot of people watch porn.
By “a lot” I don’t just mean a few. I mean many, many thousands of people, every second of every day, week after week, year after year.
The odds are high that you’re one of them.
You may have watched porn recently, intend to in the future, or are at least thinking about it. Either way, you probably know someone who is watching porn right now.
Porn isn’t one of the biggest industries on the planet for nothing!
But here’s the thing.
It wasn’t that long ago that viewing porn meant summoning up the courage to visit an adult store in person, red faced but behind closed doors.
There was a measure of awkwardness involved, usually covered up in part with a brown paper bag as you hurried away from the store hoping not to be noticed.
Not everyone was willing to go that far for porn, at least, not often. The danger of being caught and the potential public embarrassment was too much for most people. Those days are gone.
Thanks to the internet porn is now easier to access than ever before in history.
Virtually anyone, anywhere, can access porn all kinds of porn at any time.
But there’s a grim flipside to this state of affairs: When it’s super easy to access porn, it’s
super easy to get addicted to porn. And make no mistake; a lot of people ARE addicted to porn…
…and a lot of people who watch porn who aren’t yet addicted can EASILY BECOME ADDICTED over time without even realizing it.
porn induced erectile dysfunctionIf you don’t think you’re addicted to porn, or if someone you believe to be addicted doesn’t think they are, I want you to know a CRUCIAL truth:
Even the most serious of porn induced erectile dysfunctions ( can go unrecognized or be ignored through denial until it’s too late and the damage is done.
If you’re worried about someone else, realize it is VERY possible that:
a) They don’t realize they’re addicted and doings the things that made you notice,
b) Their addiction may already be so powerful that they’ll deny its existence, even when deep down they know the truth that they have a problem.
In a moment I’ll share with you some common signs of porn induced erectile dysfunction that will help you determine the truth of the matter in your situation, but before I do I want to share something else with you to help you rest a little easier.
While it is certainly not good news that many people are addicted to porn, every cloud has a silver lining. In this case it is this: If you or someone you know is
addicted to porn, you are not alone. Here’s what I mean by that and why, if you or someone you know is suffering from porn induced erectile dysfunction, this will be music to your ears.
Just as many people are addicted to porn right at this moment; many more have been addicted in the past too.
Of those people there are many who have realized their issue, taken appropriate action, and as a result are now living healthy, happy, productive lives 100% free of addiction.
They were able to turn their destructive course around and not only end their porn induced erectile dysfunction but also transform their lives into something great and worth smiling about.
What we’ve learned from their experience is this:
Porn induced erectile dysfunction can be cured even when you think there’s no hope. Yes, an unhealthy addiction to porn can ruin your life and the lives of those you love.
But the good news is it doesn’t have to. An addiction to porn can ruin your life,
but only if you fail to take action to cure it!!! Date: February 19, 2011
From: Mike G
Re: The easy solution to curing porn induced erectile dysfunction
Hi there friend,
My name is Mike G and I am a therapist who specializes in helping people who suffer from online porn induced erectile dysfunction.
I can tell you from firsthand experience that online porn has a sneaky effect on even the most casual of viewer.
It seems harmless in the beginning, but then it has a way of becoming more and more enticing over time.

Porn-induced erectile dysfunction: How does it happen?

Many people find the frequency with which they view online porn begins to increase slowly, often in a gradual or subtle way, but consistently over weeks, months, or years.
One minute it’s occasional. The next, it’s frequent and out of hand.
Many addicts refer to it as “enslaving” because even when they want to stop, they can’t.
YOU might even be feeling this way right now.
Usually, however, the average person won’t realize their growing obsession with porn is actually becoming a problem until such time as it becomes, literally, a chronic addiction. Porn induced erectile dysfunction can be as destructive as alcohol
or drug addiction. It can even be life threatening. Many people laugh at such a statement, considering it ridiculous.
But that is because they don’t have the experience that I do. You see, suffering from a serious habitual compulsion to view online porn is not that different to being addicted to alcohol, drugs, or any other kind of unhealthy dependence.
Yes, sex may be considered normal while alcohol and drugs are not, but serious addiction towards anything is a kind of abnormal behavior…
…and it has many consequences, both direct and indirect.
There are many recorded cases of people contemplating and actually attempting suicide as a result of the destruction their porn induced erectile dysfunction has caused in their life.
Others have descended so far into the porn induced erectile dysfunction abyss that the material they find themselves viewing has landed them in a prison cell.
Whether porn induced erectile dysfunction ruins your life directly or indirectly makes no difference at all. A ruined life is a ruined life.
You may already be witnessing its harmful effects unfolding in your own life or in that of someone you know. Or, worse, you may shrug off the possibility that your porn viewing habits are of any consequence at all.
In either case, let me be blunt: Don’t kid yourself! Porn induced erectile dysfunction is SERIOUS,
and it only GETS WORSE over time if left unchecked. It can destroy everything about your life.
But that’s enough of the doom and gloom side of porn induced erectile dysfunction. The fact that you’re reading this tells me that either:
…you already realize you need to do something now, or
…you have someone in your life that you are desperate to help, or
…you aren’t sure if your porn habits are that bad and want to learn more just in case.
No matter your situation, there are only two things you can do right now.
The first is to be honest with yourself or your loved one that an addiction is actually present.

Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction: How To Overcome It

Compare your situation honestly against one or more common signs of porn induced erectile dysfunction and try to determine if any of them get a tick: Signs you have a porn induced erectile dysfunction: You view porn online every day, every other day, or extremely regularly You’ve lost whole days to viewing porn online You have lost interest in your significant other (husband/wife/partner) You are finding yourself thinking about porn when you’re not viewing it Your internet usage is often dedicated to finding and watching porn You are investing a lot of money in porn, including internet bandwidth costs You know you’re watching a lot of porn, but are finding it hard to stop You are giving up social outings with excuses that enable you to view porn Your porn habits have extended into different types of pornographic fetishes You feel depressed, anxious, or agitated if you haven’t been able to view any porn You are taking actions to conceal your porn viewing from those around you You have found yourself wondering if you’re watching too much online porn You have an abundance of porn saved on your computer Your sex life is more geared towards online pornography than real intimacy Your porn viewing habits coincide with relationship problems with your partner A friend or family member has told you that they think you have an addiction.

…and there are more.
If any of these common signs apply to you then you need to be honest with yourself: that’s a clear indication you have a problem that needs addressing immediately. Signs your spouse has a porn induced erectile dysfunction:

If you are a spouse of someone who is addicted to porn you will also be experiencing your own pain and noticing additional signs that your spouse may be oblivious to: You feel abandoned, unloved, neglected or cast aside You can sense you’re being lied to and are developing serious trust issues Your relationship feels like it’s going downhill and falling apart You are enjoying less or perhaps no intimate moments at all with your spouse You have contemplated the possibility of divorce/leaving your partner You find yourself wanting to search your spouse’s computer history for evidence Whenever you’re not around you’re sure your partner will be looking at porn You can see your partner’s behavior changing around their computer usage You feel confused about what to do to turn things around You felt compelled to search for help, which led you here

…and there are other signs too.
But if you aren’t 100% certain that there’s a problem, then I highly recommend you err on the side of caution. It is better to assume and take positive action where it isn’t really needed than to make the wrong assumption and take no action when it really IS needed! After all, the quality of your future is at stake!
Which brings us to the second thing you need to do: find a practical solution.
The good news is you already have. Read also about natural Viagra.